Pisco Group is an aquaculture innovation and consultancy company with years of experience in the industry. We will help you strengthen and expand your business and solve your problems. Pisco Group actively invests in promising ideas and startups, both internally and with entrepreneurs and other companies.

We will work together with your team to reinforce your business and ideas. Find out more about the Pisco Process, what we can do for you and what our customers and partners say about us.




Pisco offers full-rounded, independent consultancy, with a focus on technical and biological support, as well as support in design and project development.  We develop financial models while also assisting in contract and offer negotiations. We can help you develop a tailored solution to your problem. Some of our services are:

  • Evaluation of existing Recirculated Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
  • Equipment benchmarking
  • Support on design and construction
  • Negotiation with suppliers, boards and private investors
  • Tailored solutions to individual fish farms


Pisco’s team has for years worked with all the stakeholders in the industry. We can help you develop your business, whether you have a completely new idea, need help re-conducting a difficult business situation or need to present a project to investors or board members.
Our business development services includes:

  • Financial Models for aquaculture projects
  • Full business plan for new products or companies
  • Market entry strategies
  • Complete technical and biological due-diligence
  • Business strategy development
  • Investor deck
  • Risk assessment 


Pisco Group can speed up your product development. We have assisted companies moving their products from an idea stage and into market launch in less than 4 months. We use our in-house design skills and aquaculture know-how to guide you through ideation, design and prototyping and testing phases. We can help you with:

  • Concept, design and test validation
  • Full Product Development
  • Innovation workshops
  • Market and Industry fit
  • Generate synergies with other partners





Laksesystemer identified the need for a new type of precise automatic feeder for land-based aquaculture, since current solutions were outdated and did not allow for optimal feeding procedures.

Their idea was to have a market-ready product as fast as possible so they could exploit the market gap and need for such an improved feeding technology. Therefore, they decided to partner up with Pisco Group.

Three months after the collaboration with Pisco Group - and after testing and validation - Laksesystemer launched their new product. In a short time, Laksesystemer received orders for more than 100 units of their new product, which is showing improved fish growth compared to traditional feeders.



To help Laksystemer define what they needed and how to develop it, we met in Copenhagen to conduct a workshop. Together, we discussed different concepts and created preliminary 3D-models to visualize and evaluate them.

Good communication and setting up the right team were two key issues for this stage of the process. Pisco Group has significant experience within aquaculture and especially in land-based systems, while Laksesystemer had a clear vision and understanding of their new product and its application. This combination was key to safely identify the specific problems and technical requirements for this new type of technology. This resulted in the process moving quickly from a broad idea to a specifically defined problem and subsequently into the concept and prototype phases. 



Pisco Group has in-house product developers and aquaculture specialists. This means that all required competences were available throughout the project, enabling Laksesystemer to speed up the development.

Pisco Group drafted several concept ideas for the product in 3D. This allowed for an evaluation of the pros and cons of each, as well as for an alignment between these concepts and Laksesystemer's vision. After selecting a few possibilities, Pisco Group also began a functional simulation, by recreating the operating conditions of the product in 3D. Combining that with both Pisco Group's and Laksesystemer's know-how of the industry, a final evaluation was carried out and a final idea was chosen.



Pisco Group and Laksesystemer teams went through several iterations together and improved the prototype in a matter of four weeks.

Once  the final model was chosen – and after several prototyping rounds together with the customer – we adjusted and modified different parameters of the product to improve the results of the functional simulation, which we used to assess whether the prototype would be able to address the problems that current technology presents. Given Laksesystemer's knowledge and vision, the prototyping process took only a couple of weeks.

Laksesystemer quote




" I believe that solving the real problems in the aquaculture industry requires that we all team up together to find the best possible solutions. We stand ready to help and assist you in getting your company and idea to the next level. 

Bring us your ideas and your troubles, and we will do our best to find the most suitable solution. "

Best regards, 
Jonas Højgaard, CEO of Pisco Group


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OFS Norge

RONNY ALMENNING, Chairman of the Board OFS Norge

" Pisco is our go-to partner in aquaculture, especially RAS. They have a lot of knowledge and experience in projecting, building and contract negotiation in aquaculture. They have helped us enormously in our projects, not only with technical and biological issues, but especially in developing complex financial plans and offering constant support at all stages of the projects. We know we can always count on them. "

Atlantic Sapphire
THUE HOLM, CTO of Atlantic Sapphire

" Pisco has a very multidisciplinary team, which means that they can efficiently tackle different types of problems, biological, technical, financial… I have known most of their staff for years and worked with them on many projects around the world. At Atlantic Sapphire, we believe that getting a second professional input enables us to see new angles and solutions. We have teamed up with Pisco for technical reports, benchmarking analysis and innovation workshops. Our experience has always been fantastic and we are looking forward to keep working together on future projects. "
Onshore Technologies


" Pisco Group's team has helped us develop our new technology and systems. They have been a key partner for us to have in the design and projecting phase of our new facilities in Måløy. Pisco Group has not only supported us through professional technical advice, but also directly in project management and development of the relevant company tools. Furthermore, they have been of great assistance in contacting, negotiating and managing some of our subcontractors. Pisco Group has an outstanding interdisciplinary team that brings together experts with an impressive track record from the aquaculture industry as well as mastering cutting edge science- and engineering capacities. As advisors and business partners we especially appreciate their ability to function as a seamless extension of our in-house team, an issue that is otherwise often a real challenge when drawing on external specialists. I give Pisco my warmest recommendations. "

CM Aqua

" When we enter a project having Pisco involved at some angle, we know all basic mistakes are off the table. The reliable solutions they create are also innovative, and it is always both exciting and very stressless working with them. "

Shrimp Vision

" We contacted Pisco with a potential idea for new aquaculture business opportunity in Norway. They invited us to come to their offices in Copenhagen where, in a 3-day workshop, they helped us turn it into a viable project, eligible for both private and public funding. Their team has knowledge in aquaculture, engineering, biology and business development, so we got the full package. With the materials generated in this workshop, we got 1st place in a pitching competition in Bergen. "